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NoAge Super Health

Work with lifelong health and nutrition coach and former professional cyclist Paul Thomas on maximizing your wellness, vitality and longevity through your very own personalized health program.

6 Pillars of Super Health

Master the fundamentals of achieving excellent health, and get firmly on track to feeling better than ever through Paul’s online intensive health and wellness course including group coaching (3Q 2018).

Break Through To Super You

Get inspired with awesome blog content designed to help you live your happiest, healthiest, most empowered and authentic life, and make sure to join our email list for more goodies and surprises.

Beauty Way Energy Healing

Explore the miracles of energy healing with Reiki Master Teacher, multidisciplinary yoga teacher and author Heather Mandel, and become a certified Reiki Master Teacher and energy healer (3Q 2018).

Light Now Media Publishing

Promote your own inspirational brand, product or service through our suite of digital publishing services, including book design, website and blog design, graphic design and copywriting.

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