About Light Now Media

Light Now Media assists progressive, service-oriented organizations and individuals in sharing their unique vision and value proposition with customers, employees, and the public at large. We provide strategic content development, inspiring creative marketing services, and innovative marketing solutions utilizing various media channels to increase and optimize audience engagement—driving customer satisfaction, profitability, and growth. And we love bringing the heart, fun, and joy to every project we work on.

We excel at:

  • Delivering effective, high-quality creative services consistently and expediently
  • Distilling complex, challenging information and ideas into simple, clear, compelling messages
  • Developing targeted marketing programs to increase audience engagement and sales

Light Now Media exclusively serves forward-thinking people who value the satisfaction of both their customers and employees, and are committed to providing positive, innovative products and services that improve our world. We especially like supporting passionate companies and individuals with the courage to “be the change.”

Ready to illuminate, motivate, and inspire your audience? Please visit our services page and learn how we’d love to help you.