Marketing is often seen as the necessary precursor to making sales. But what we’ve found in our decades of marketing experience is that if you treat marketing as serving the customer instead of selling to them, you will win much more than the sale. You will win their loyalty and referrals to other customers.

Here are some quick ways to ensure you are serving vs. selling:

  • Be attentive. Show your existing and potential customers that you’re there to be of service and get them their desired results by being attentive to their needs. Respond and deliver to them as quickly and expediently as you can. Make helpful suggestions they may not be aware of.
  • Allow space. The customer buys when they want to, not when we want them to. Hounding them to buy isn’t serving them, it’s just annoying them and making them not want to buy. This means giving them plenty of space to consider your offer and make their decision without feeling pressured or oversold.
  • Be consistent in your communication. Serving begins with and is sustained by communication—the more targeted, relevant and contextual, the better. Regular communication and follow-through also builds trust, so communicate with your customer consistently.
  • Deliver massive value. Today’s customer expects free information and education, prompt answers to questions, and service with a smile if they’re going to buy from you. Follow Tony Robbins’ advice and “take massive action” to deliver massive value, and you can’t fail.
  • Love what you sell. Only market products and services that you know would make your customers’ lives easier, happier and better. If you don’t feel this way about what you’re marketing, reconsider whether to continue marketing it.
  • Model what works. Every one of us, marketer or not, is a customer to many different organizations. Think about the companies that keep you coming back for more. How do they make you feel? Why do you remain loyal? Probably in large part because you feel well served. So simply do what they do to make you feel that way.

Ultimately, your sale will come not from your marketing efforts but from the relationship your customers feel with you, and that is built on how much they trust you—which is based on how well you serve them.

Like the classic song “Feeling Good” goes: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life”—it’s a new era of business, and serving feels good. Selling doesn’t. Demonstrate a genuine interest in and focus on serving your customers and you’ll not only sell more, you’ll earn their trust, loyalty and referrals.

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