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We’ll help you develop your unique brand identity and powerful web presence to position your business as an industry leader—the one that cares more than anyone else in your space.

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We’ll help you determine and implement the right content, lead generation, nurturing, and conversion strategies to best serve your customers throughout their buyer’s journey.

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We’ll help you optimize your marketing and sales campaigns to inspire your prospects—with the utmost empathy, clarity, and honesty—to purchase your life-changing solutions.


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Global Leader in Video-Based Driver Safety & Fleet Management

“Within four years, Lytx established a new brand identity, quadrupled its customer base, and achieved 35% revenue growth year over year. Heather Mandel was instrumental in our success. If you’re looking for a high-converting copywriter to help grow your business, Heather is it.”

—Robin Flaum, Director of Marketing Programs & Marketing Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Operations, Lytx

Heather (our chief copywriter and marketing strategist) served Lytx as their go-to copywriter and marketing communications consultant for 4.5 years as they rapidly grew into a $1.5 billion-dollar company. She helped to establish Lytx’s new brand voice and written style, and wrote a vast array of marketing, sales, and public relations materials to nurture and convert leads into customers.

Nutrition Supplement Store

“Just noticed site was up, OMG!!! It is so beautiful. So happy, thank you for such an amazing job. Love, Love, Love the new site! Appreciate all the love you put into this, it sure shows!”

—Richard Helfrich, Celebrity Health and Nutrition Consultant and Author

Paul (our chief creative, web developer, and graphic designer) created a brand-new eCommerce website from scratch including all-new branding, graphics, layout and design, copy, a blog, and a robust eCommerce store selling 50 products for celebrity nutritionist and supplement formulator Richard Helfrich.

Multinational Financial Services Company

“Heather is an outstanding business partner—she is always positive, tries to find the best solution for the customer, readily takes on challenges and provides best-in-class customer service.”

—Wells Fargo & Company senior leader/respondent in annual business partner survey

Heather served as communications officer for one of the most profitable divisions of Wells Fargo, where she led business-critical initiatives around re-branding, marketing communications, employee engagement, customer outreach, and more. She received the company’s Top Performer – Sales and Service Award for helping to drive record-breaking, double-digit net profit growth and customer service excellence.

Serving 20,000 Customers in 150 Countries

“It’s been great working with you, you’re a super talented writer and sometimes it feels like you were reading our minds! So thank you so much for the smooth cooperation.”

—Rikka S., Former Marketing Executive, Epicor Software

For 3.5 years, Heather wrote many of Epicor’s global online marketing campaigns—including banner ads, emails, landing pages, blogs, social media posts and more—helping the global business software leader to generate more than $2 billion in revenue and position itself for a $3.3 billion dollar acquisition.

Global Leader in Organizational Development Consulting and Leadership Education

“People have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we do…I definitely feel it helps in sales confidence and in the team’s ability to accurately explain ourselves. THANK YOU so much for everything you’ve done! You’ve produced amazing work…”

—Elisabeth Wilkie, Marketing Director, May& Company, Germany

With a global team of 250+ experts, May & Company serves industry-leading organizations including Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, Nokia, World Health Organization, and many others. We helped to re-create their brand personality, voice and written style, and re-wrote all of their marketing copy.

Speaker Hall of Fame Member, Leadership Consultant, Adventurer

“EVERYONE loves the website. So thank you for your artistry and caring. You are a master site designer and a great fellow indeed.”

—Dr. Jeff Salz, World Adventurer

Paul created a brand-new website from scratch—including all-new branding, graphics, and design—to showcase Jeff’s uniqueness and amazing offerings. Jeff leads expeditions in the high Andes and Ecuador, conducts leadership workshops for C-suite execs of Microsoft, Disney, Google, and other top companies, and coaches speakers to prepare for TEDx Talks.

U.S. Leading Provider of Services for People with Disabilities

“I found Heather to be supremely professional, organized and creative. Her writing skills are excellent, and she takes a creative and innovative approach to tasks and challenges. In addition, she has exceptional interpersonal skills.”

—Former Director of Marketing Communications, Easter Seals Southern California

Over a period of six years, Heather provided marketing communications and media relations services to generate hundreds of print, TV and radio placements for Easter Seals Southern California—increasing public awareness of the non-profit’s services for people with disabilities throughout the region.

Top-Ranked U.S. University

“Heather works quickly and professionally to deliver high-quality content. I appreciate the time and effort she invests in making sure she understands the needs of the client. She’s also a creative thinker who makes any subject matter engaging to read.”

—Patricia Fitzgerald, Marketing Service Provider for University of Michigan

A top-ranked public university, the University of Michigan is known for its tradition of excellence in research, learning and teaching, and more. We wrote 9 brochures promoting Masters’ programs offered by the University of Michigan-Flint’s prestigious School of Education and Human Services.

Our Business and Personal Growth Blog

Get inspired with awesome blog content designed to help you live your happiest, healthiest, and most empowered life.

We created all branding elements, graphics, and design for our blog. We also wrote all the blog posts and created the adjoining Facebook page that has nearly 10,000 fans. We created and ran numerous successful Facebook ad campaigns to generate fans and reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Online Education Platform

New Earth Healing Academy is geared toward women who want to explore energy healing, master challenges, transform their lives, and make a difference in the world. The online school provides courses in personal development and the healing arts.

We built this online academy site from scratch—including all branding elements, graphics, design, copy, and marketing components.

let's work together


Here are some of our favorite book adventures.

By Evan Zislis. Amazon Best Seller! 

Recognized by Patagonia as a “Books We Love Recommended Read,” ClutterFree Revolution is the quintessential pocket guide for clearing out, getting organized, and thriving with less stuff and more life.

We created the print-on-demand version of this Amazon Bestseller, providing a cover re-design (including special font creation), interior layout and design, and spine and back-cover design. We also created the marketing promotion at the end and guided the author through the publishing process.

By Richard Helfrich, Master Nutritionist

The 24 Hour Body is an owner’s manual to the body. This book answers the important question: What are the daily nutrient needs of the body and how do you supply those needs? It also explains how food and supplements need to be taken in order to realize their benefits.

We re-designed all aspects of this book including cover design, interior layout and design, and graphics. We also re-designed Richard’s other 3 books, and made them available for sale on his eCommerce site.

By Susan Foster. Amazon Best Seller!

To become “the boss” people follow because they want to, you have to lead, inspire, and motivate them to be their best. Building on the ideas of such greats as Stephen Covey and Roger Fisher, It’s Not Rocket Science uses real-life examples—as well as facts and data—to show you how to do that.

We created the print-on-demand version of this Amazon Bestseller, providing cover re-design, interior layout and design, and spine and back-cover design. We also created the marketing promotion at the end and guided the author through the publishing process.

By Paul Thomas

Our own Paul Thomas is also a long-time health and nutrition coach who’s worked with everyone from A-list actors to pro-bono clients. In this eBook, he shares a powerful nutrition program he developed to help people strengthen their blood vessels—and end common issues like hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and easy bruising.

We created this book from start to finish, including cover design, interior layout and design, graphics, and all written content. We also created an accompanying email coaching program, and built a sales funnel for it.

By Mari E. Rahmes

This little book, Dear God and Dear Goddess, was written on a Christmas morning, channeled through an angel guide of the author’s called Michael the Angel. It was dictated to her in her car as she was on her way to a friend’s house to drop off gifts. She pulled over on a side street, grabbed a pen and some paper and wrote what Michael told her.

We created this book from start to finish, including cover design, interior layout and design, graphics.

By Dr. William Eidelman, M.D.

For smokers who are having trouble quitting, help is on the way. Dr. William Eidelman has created a powerful two-step program that has been proven to help thousands of people quit smoking.

We are creating this Amazon Kindle and print-on-demand book from start to finish, providing editing, cover design, interior layout and design, and end-of-book promotion. We are also guiding the author through the entire publishing process.

By Scott Brown

Duchenne. Muscular. Dystrophy. The three words my parents heard when my brother was diagnosed at the age of two. Two and a half years later, they heard them again.I’ve always been the type of person to rebel against authority. Growing up with a disease that slowly deteriorated my body constantly challenged my mind to ask the question ‘why?’: Why can’t I play with them? Why do I have to use my wheelchair? Why do I have to take this medicine? Isn’t there another way? That’s why I wrote this book, Breakdowns & Breakthroughs.

We created this Amazon print-on-demand book from start to finish, providing editing, cover design, interior layout and design, and end-of-book promotion.


…and nice things they’ve said about us. : )

Our goal is always to create the best client relationships—along with the very best work—so that our clients feel inspired and happy with their results. That’s what fulfills us!

“Heather, you’re amazing! I’m looking at our email campaign metrics, and some of the email campaigns you wrote for me show MUCH higher open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates than the 6-month average. We’re talking percentage increases of up to 140% in open rates, 840% in CTRs, and 430% in CTORs.

This is a huge improvement to say the least!

Thank you so much for all your hard work on getting our emails to convert better and for your help on our case studies and white papers, too. You’ve been a tremendous asset to our business development efforts and growth!!”

—Naomi Hamels, Director of Business Strategy, Altium; Former Sr. Marketing Manager, Lytx

Heather wrote dozens of email campaigns, case studies, sell sheets, white papers and more to drive the massive growth and success of Lytx, the global market leader in video-based driver safety technology and fleet management.

“I wanted to let you know I think it’s outstanding! Now I’m beginning to see the value in a first-rate site. It’s waaaaaay more current than what I had. Thank you for that.”

—Chris Keith, The Keith Brothers – Film and Theater Production Executive

Paul created a brand-new website from scratch for film and theater production executives the Keith Brothers, including all-new branding, graphics, layout and design, and marketing copy.

“I am absolutely floored by this delivery—can’t believe how much you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! You seem to really understand who we are and what we do, which I think is the first and most difficult hurdle. Very impressed you “got it” in only a few conversations!” 

—Elisabeth Wilkie, Marketing Director, May & Company

We helped May & Company to recreate their brand personality, voice and tone, and rewrote all aspects of their marketing copy: tagline, mission, vision, values, about us, benefits, service descriptions, and more.

“I found Heather to be highly responsive, reliable, open to feedback, easy to work with, and devoted to delivering high-quality work. Because she’s so experienced, fast, and versatile, I could send her an urgent project and she’d nail it within 24 hours. As just one example, she helped us to sell out our annual conference just by changing email subject lines.”

—Robin Flaum, Director of Marketing Programs & Marketing Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Operations, Lytx

For 4.5 years, Heather was a go-to marketing communications consultant and copywriter for Lytx as they rapidly grew into the $1.5 billion dollar company they are today.

“Thank you for the tons of compliments we received on the speech—all the work and tweaking and polishing paid off!”

—Joan Van Ark, Actress

Heather wrote speeches for the chief executives and film and television talent of Fox Family Worldwide, and its parent company, News Corp. She’s also written speeches for film studio executives and talent of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Disney.

“Thank you for all you accomplished these past few months. We couldn’t have asked more from you than the hard work, professionalism and excellent writing skills you exhibited. It’s been a joy working with you and getting to know you.”

—Schools First Federal Credit Union’s Marketing Team

Heather managed key external and internal communications projects for the 5th largest credit union in the U.S., and helped to add 250 new memberships to its first Los Angeles location within a month of its opening.

“Thank you, Heather! You’ve been such a fantastic partner. Your hard work and diligence on this made us look great and your sense of humor and optimism made it so fun to work with you. I’m so grateful we brought you on the project, we could not have done it without you!”

—Amber A., Former Project Manager, Lytx

Heather wrote all website copy for the 60+-page website; edited all copy in the back end to ensure clean, uniform copy elements; provided quality assurance for all pages, and localization for the UK version of site.