Monthly Archives: September 2015

[VIDEO] Healing the Heartbreak of the Lakota and All Native American People

The Lakota people are peaceful warriors — lovers of life and all creatures on Mother Earth. They are the agents of the great spirit, with the wisdom to restore our planet to health and harmony…if we’d only listen. Yet, many Native American people like the Lakota suffer in poverty, living on fenced-off parcels of land […]

[VIDEO] The Illusion of Third Dimension: Is the Universe a Hologram?

Physicists have been proving for some time now that the solidity of our reality is an illusion. But does the illusion extend to the entirety of what we call existence? In other words, is the universe a hologram — a projection of information on some distant two-dimensional surface? Watch this video to learn what black holes […]

[VIDEO] Find Out What Your Handwriting Says About You

It’s amazing how much information can be discovered about a person in their handwriting alone. How small or large you write, and even how you cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” speaks volumes about your personality and frame of mind. Rounded letters, pointed letters, the spacing between words — all manner of handwriting styles […]

[VIDEO] The Amazing Energy We Possess: Watch This Man Use it to Heal Others and Light a Fire

Science and technology are rapidly revealing to us that we are complex forms created entirely from energy. Each and every one of us is comprised of a powerful force of energy that makes up the entire universe, but most of us have never owned that idea. Electricity moves through our mostly water bodies via electrolytes, […]

Powerful Video Reveals Why “You Are What You Love–Not What Loves You”

Do you find yourself struggling to gain people’s approval, or receive validation from the outside world in some way? Are you stressed out about bills, work, or whether you’re successful enough? Can you recall the carefree joyfulness of your childhood and wonder where that went? If so, this powerful video by comedian Kyle Cease is a must […]

[VIDEO] Fire Up Your Being with this Power-Packed Dose of Motivation

We live in a largely dis-empowering world. It’s not uncommon to experience disapproval, judgment, ridicule, condescension, and put-downs, or just straight up lack of support — often fueled by selfishness, envy, and low self-esteem. Just peruse social media if you have any doubt. Sometimes we feel that even the people closest to us don’t want […]

[VIDEO] How Determined Are You to Succeed? Here’s Why to Never, Ever Give Up.

In competitive running, falling during a race usually spells a brutal loss for that runner — not to mention serious humiliation and disappointment. The same is usually true for any endeavor in which a human being is attempting to win something big, but experiences a setback or mishap. Collectively speaking, for some reason we don’t […]