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The Placebo Effect: How Your Beliefs Can Transform Your Biology

You know the phrase, “perception is reality”? Or how about the widely embraced idea that we as human beings create our experience of reality based on the beliefs we hold and focus on? Time and time again, studies of the placebo effect prove these concepts to be true facts. defines the placebo effect as […]

How to Let Go of Negative People and Embrace Your Power

By Heather Mandel Are you feeling that it’s time to let go of negative people in your life? Do you sense that this is something you must do if you want to move forward and make your dreams come true? If so, congratulations—you’re ready to make serious, positive changes in your life, which is why […]

[VIDEO] Inspiring Lessons in How to Break Free From the Prison of Your Mind

In Loving Memory of Sean who gave us so much to live by. You will be missed more than words can express beautiful Sean! We love you more everyday and will aspire to live as you taught us… LAUGHING, LOVING, PLAYING, DANCING, SINGING AND JUST PLAIN HAVING FUN ON THIS RIDE!! You are awesome! It […]

12 Timeless, Brilliant Quotes for Building Unshakable Self-Esteem

This world can be harshly critical and very unkind. It’s no wonder that a lot of people suffer from low self-esteem — and yet, without strong self-esteem, life just isn’t going to be nearly as fulfilling  as it could be. As Maxwell Maltz said,  “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-brake on.” Maltz […]

Boost Brain Power, Focus, and Concentration with This Relaxing Music for Your Soul

The music by YellowBrickCinema featured in the video below is extremely popular for good reason. Kick back, put your headphones on, and allow your mind and body to take a journey into calm and clear focus. It’s designed to make you feel more relaxed and centered as you listen, thanks to an expertly mixed collage […]

Three Key Signs That You’re in Control of Your Emotions

One of the things that makes the human experience so rich, as well as so challenging, are our emotions. For many people, learning how to control one’s emotions, particularly negative emotions, is a lifelong undertaking. Humans are a traumatized species — this is overwhelmingly evident in the pages of history. And as it stands today, […]

[VIDEO] The Illusion of Time: Do Past, Present, and Future Exist All at Once?

When Einstein merged the idea of space together with the idea of time, he discovered the “space-time” construct that is pivotal to understanding how our world works. In doing so, he also discovered something else quite significant: the illusion of time. In other words, Einstein realized that what we perceive as distinctly separate moments in time — […]

How Do You Manage Emotional Pain? Take the Pain-Body Quiz to Find Out

Emotional pain is a reality of being human. Some people seem to be controlled by emotional pain, whereas others are able to manage it quite effectively. Often, how well someone is able to handle their emotional pain has a big impact on their overall levels of happiness and success. Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle believes that unresolved emotional pain accumulates to become […]

[VIDEO] Believing is Seeing: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Most people follow the idea that “seeing is believing.” But when it comes to manifesting your dreams and what you want in life, the truth is that “believing is seeing.” In other words, in order to see your dreams and desires manifest in the world, you must first and foremost believe that they can manifest. You must further believe that […]