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[VIDEO] Addiction: Why Everything We Think We Know Is Wrong

Addiction is a pervasive issue in our civilization. We see people addicted to everything from food and technology, to prescription drugs and heroin. But what really causes addiction? According to author Johann Hari’s extensive research, everything we think we know about addiction is wrong. Driven to help his loved ones who were struggling to manage their addictions, […]

[VIDEO] Why It’s Critical to Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

For many, the idea of societal conditioning (a.k.a. mind programming) is uncomfortable at best. In fact, it can be downright painful. It’s difficult to awaken and realize that so much of our life has been spent in an hypnotic state (a whopping 90% or so perhaps) — controlled by hidden messages that feed our subconscious […]

Relax With Healing Music and Powerful Binaural Brainwave Sounds

Physicists have proven that everything has a signature vibration—its very own frequency that determines how it expresses itself in the universe. Humans are able to consciously raise their frequency if they choose, and can do so by engaging with high-vibration thoughts, activities, people, substances—even visuals and sounds. Beautiful musical, tonal, and binaural brainwave sounds such […]

[VIDEO] Change Your State of Mind and Have a Massive Influence on What You Feel and Attract

“Life is hard.” A lot of us believe that statement because that’s what we’ve heard all our lives. Rarely do we ever hear, “Life is piece of cake.” We’ve also heard expressions like “Just be happy,” or “Happiness starts with you” over and over again. But how do we get to that happy place where […]

[VIDEO] This May Leave You Speechless…and More Alive Than Ever Before

Human beings have figured out how to fly across continents, transmit voices and images over airwaves, and grow babies in test tubes, yet we still don’t even know how a blade of grass grows. As Einstein said, “the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” When, through the eyes of […]

[VIDEO] Here’s Proof that Your Brain Will Create or Attract What You Focus On

Ever wonder how and why you attract certain things or people into your life and not others? You may think it’s by chance or circumstance that your life is what it is, but actually, nothing could be further from the truth. By way of the reticular activating system of your  brain — or RAS — you […]

[VIDEO] The Power of Misdirection: Here’s How Easily Our Attention Can be Controlled

It’s shocking to realize, but as people we are (for the most part) subject to being controlled by what is called misdirection. Apollo Robbins — known as perhaps the best pickpocket in the world — has mastered the skill of misdirection, and shows us how easily we can be manipulated in the video below. While […]

Could This Simple, 7-Minute Meditation Be the Key to Inner Peace?

There are many different forms of meditation — so many it would seem that, by now, everyone should have found one that they love to do everyday. Yet, how many people do you know who meditate regularly? Some meditations involve rituals such as kneeling in front of an altar, lighting candles, ringing bells, repeating a […]