Relax With Healing Music and Powerful Binaural Brainwave Sounds

Physicists have proven that everything has a signature vibration—its very own frequency that determines how it expresses itself in the universe. Humans are able to consciously raise their frequency if they choose, and can do so by engaging with high-vibration thoughts, activities, people, substances—even visuals and sounds.

Beautiful musical, tonal, and binaural brainwave sounds such as those found in the video below are thought to realign personal frequencies to a higher vibration and thus balance and calm the body. It is said that high vibratory states are where true health is cultivated, and that when the body’s vibration is low, that’s when sickness and disease can manifest. Whether you believe that’s true or not, you’re sure to find that listening to these types of sounds is calming and nurturing to your being. So relax and enjoy…you deserve it!

Article Image Source: Tom Hall

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