[VIDEO] How Determined Are You to Succeed? Here’s Why to Never, Ever Give Up.

In competitive running, falling during a race usually spells a brutal loss for that runner — not to mention serious humiliation and disappointment. The same is usually true for any endeavor in which a human being is attempting to win something big, but experiences a setback or mishap.

Collectively speaking, for some reason we don’t handle what we perceive to be unfair obstacles or failures very well, and too often we simply give up.

But not Heather Dorniden.

Running neck-and neck with her competitors, Heather fell flat on her face during a Big 10 Indoor Track Championship’s Women’s 600-meter race. What she did next broke the mold of how people usually handle a humiliating, even devastating situation, and inspired millions of people as a result.

Watch the video below, and the next time you’re tempted to give up on something you really want because something really difficult happens, remember what Heather did.


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