How Do You Manage Emotional Pain? Take the Pain-Body Quiz to Find Out

Emotional pain is a reality of being human. Some people seem to be controlled by emotional pain, whereas others are able to manage it quite effectively. Often, how well someone is able to handle their emotional pain has a big impact on their overall levels of happiness and success.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle believes that unresolved emotional pain accumulates to become an actual entity called the Pain-Body which lives in a person’s energy field. The Pain-Body will have periods of dormancy where a person feels relatively good, and periods of activity where it gets triggered by a person or event and wreaks havoc in the form of intense arguing, anger, anxiety, and depression.

People who have experienced childhood trauma might have what Tolle calls a dense Pain-Body, and thus a difficult time managing their emotional pain. They might find that their Pain-Body causes deep resentment, upset, a lack of trust in people, and even rage. A hyperactive Pain-Body, one that is easily triggered, can literally destroy a person’s quality of life.

Others, regardless of what they’ve experienced in life, have been able to transmute their Pain-Body into higher energies of love and acceptance. They are able to manage their emotional pain to such a degree that they aren’t hindered by it, and thus live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life.

So how do you manage emotional pain or the Pain-Body? Take this awesome Pain-Body quiz we found at Wake Up World to find out

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D, guest writer for Wake Up World, has developed the following pain-body quiz to assist people in getting in touch with their pain body and how it affects them:

“If you’re ready to understand the nature, structure and dynamics of your Pain-Body, so that you may begin to heal it, all you have to do is to complete the following Pain-Body Quiz. The quiz is designed to help you to realize how your Pain-Body expresses itself, and how much control you have over your Pain-Body.

“The Pain-Body Quiz is assembled according to the strict criteria of the development of a scientific research method. The results of the quiz represent the reality only, when you answer the items of the quiz honestly. I made this quiz as a scientific research method, and this is the abridged version.

“Take the Pain-Body Quiz

Please, read all statements carefully and mark the alternative that best describes your emotions and behaviors by the number of each statement, according to the following criteria:

SCALE: 1= virtually never, 2=sometimes, 3= frequently, 4=almost always.

“The Pain-Body Quiz:

  1. I become upset without any particular reason
  2. I harbour resentment against others
  3. I easily become angry
  4. I feel remorse
  5. I am impatient with others
  6. I become depressed or sad without any particular reason
  7. People make me nervous
  8. I am overcome by self-pity
  9. I am often overcome by my emotions
  10. I have negative ideas about myself
  11. I am envious of others
  12. I easily offend others
  13. Small, insignificant things trigger intensive emotions in me
  14. I am often overcome by my emotions unexpectedly
  15. I am unhappy
  16. I am able to control my emotions
  17. I am able to forget about old offences
  18. When I realize that an emotions overcomes me, I am able to consciously suppress it
  19. I am able to contemplate my emotions like an outsider
  20. I do not identify with my emotions, I simply allow them to happen
  21. When I am suffering emotionally, I do not escape, I make efforts to consciously face the emotion concerned
  22. I am able to focus my attention on the present, instead of re-living old emotions

“Don’t forget, the result of the quiz reflects reality only if the items of the quiz were honestly answered.

Evaluating the Pain-Body Quiz

You will find the evaluation of your Pain-Body Quiz HERE.”

Source: Frank M. Wanderer  via Wake Up World

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