Open Your Mind: See the Earth (and Your Place On It) in a Different Way

Yes, earth is pretty amazing as it floats in the great black nothingness of space. Science tells us that it rotates at 1,000 mph and travels 600 million miles in 365 days to orbit the sun at a whopping speed of 66,000 mph. Whew, that’s a pretty amazing planet we live on, or as Buckminster Fuller called it, “the spaceship earth.”

But as cool as Earth is, perhaps we can get a bit carried away with our sense of importance. We tend to think we’re special and the only ones out there. We think the size and populace of the earth is something to be in awe of.

But after you watch this fun and mind-expanding video, the only thing you’ll be in awe of is how small — really, minuscule — the earth truly is.

Get ready to take a quick but fascinating ride through the universe and see our planet as you’ve never seen it!

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