We’ve helped drive the success of some of the greatest companies on earth—and would love to do the same for YOUR amazing business.

“You’ve been a tremendous asset to our business development efforts and growth!”

—Naomi Hamels, Former Sr. Marketing Manager, Lytx—Global Technology Leader


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Essentials to Stand Out, Serve Big, and Sell More

A Unique Brand Identity

Stand out among your competitors, attract and convert your target audience, and accurately convey your business’ “big why,” mission, vision, and values with a unique brand identity. Includes brand personality, logo, color palette, typography, voice, tone, written style, and core messaging components—with detailed style guides to ensure consistency across all touch points.

A Beautiful, COMPELLING Web Presence

Whether you want a complete WordPress website or a simple sales page (or both), this is where your customers decide, “I’m in.” We’ll work closely with you to develop your stunning web presence and create all messaging, positioning, copy, design, and graphic elements for you.

Everything about the site is so beautiful. Thank you for an amazing job!!”

—Richard Helfrich, Celebrity Health and Nutrition Consultant and Author

Branded Marketing and Sales Assets

Once you have your unique brand identity dialed in, you’ll want an arsenal of branded lead generation, nurturing and sales assets that can work for you 24/7. We can create case studies, guides, checklists, webinar scripts, presentations, VSLs, sell sheets, white papers, reports, quizzes, and more.

Email and Chatbot Marketing Plans and Sequences

This is what we call “closing in digital.” Understanding that the “fortune is in the follow-up,” we’ll help you level up your email game, nurture potential and existing customers, leverage the high-open-rate beauty of chatbots, and close more sales.

“…email campaigns you wrote for me show MUCH higher open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates than the 6-month average. We’re talking percentage increases of up to 140% in open rates, 840% in CTRs, and 430% in CTORs.

—Naomi Hamels, Director of Business Strategy, Altium; Former Sr. Marketing Manager, Lytx

Lead-Gen and Sales Funnels

First, we’ll advise you on the most effective online and offline marketing strategies for your specific business and industry. Then we’ll create your funnel(s)—providing messaging, positioning, copywriting, design, graphics, and follow-up/nurturing email sequences.

 CONTENT Marketing AND Social Media

Content marketing continues to be a “must-have” for modern business success, and social media and blogs are the best platforms for it. We can develop a social media-driven content marketing and content plan for your business and create your social media posts, blog content, and more.

Marketing Audits

Depending on your needs, we’ll spend somewhere between an hour and a whole day auditing your marketing and communications materials. We’ll then provide you with clear, actionable recommendations for optimizing your branding, copy, design, and overall marketing communications strategies.

Very Inspiring Professional (VIP) Copywriting Days & Speechwriting services

When you book a VIP Copywriting Day, we’ll create new messaging and copy for your core offers, funnels, or other key marketing materials. Or, if you need a speech written, we’d love to help! Heather has written for Fortune 500 execs, top film talent, and others.

Because she’s so experienced, fast, and versatile, I could send her an urgent project and she’d nail it within 24 hours. As just one example, she helped us to sell out our annual conference just by changing email subject lines.”

—Robin Flaum, Director of Marketing Programs & Marketing Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Operations, Lytx

let's work together


Let’s get you standing out, serving big, and selling more—together.

Join Our World-Class Branding and Marketing Implementation Program

What if instead of hiring us to do all the above for you, we worked closely with you or one of your team members to implement what you need to stand out, serve big, and sell more over the next 6 to 12 months? That way you could minimize your need for done-for-you agency services going forward.

Our world-class branding and marketing group implementation program is designed to help businesses learn and implement the very strategies, tactics, and best practices we’ve used to help global industry leaders make billions.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between 6-month and 12-month programs that offer a mix of live and video trainings, live group coaching and masterminding, strategies, templates, and personalized, 1:1 support to help you and your team:

  • Create or refine your unique brand identity—personality, visuals, voice, tone, and style—and create detailed visual and written style guides to ensure consistency across all touch points.
  • Craft or refine the messaging and positioning for your brand and your core offers.
  • Choose and implement the best strategies, tools, and technology platforms for lead generation, nurture, follow-up, and sales conversion for your specific business and industry.
  • Create and implement the right branded marketing assets, messages, and touch points to nurture your leads—and convert them into customers—according to world-class standards. We’re talking case studies, client success stories, guides, reports, eCourses, quizzes, checklists, templates, blogs, and more.
  • Create high-converting ads, automated email sequences, one-off email campaigns, social media posts, chatbot sequences, and sales pages to “close sales digitally.”
  • Create and implement a customer-centric marketing communications plan around your core offers, and a buyer’s journey roadmap so you know exactly which of the above strategies and tactics to use and when.
  • Create your go-to copy deck of pre-written elements that your team and freelancers can use to deliver any type of marketing or sales effort—from digital and print pieces, to sales and enrollment calls.

In addition, we’ll advise you on the latest and most effective online marketing and traffic-driving strategies and methods—organic lead gen, paid ads, Facebook groups, chatbots, YouTube marketing, and much more—and help you choose and implement the perfect ones for your business, industry, and budget.

Heather is an outstanding business partner—she is always positive, tries to find the best solution for the customer, readily takes on challenges and provides best-in-class customer service.”

—Wells Fargo & Company senior leader/respondent in annual business partner survey.

Heather received the Wells Fargo Top Performer – Sales and Service award for leading strategic marketing initiatives that helped drive record-breaking, double-digit profit growth, and customer service excellence.

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Define your brand voice and increase conversions (and sales).

Develop Your World-Class Brand Voice, Messaging, and High-Converting Copy

In this 12-week program, we’ll help you develop your world-class brand voice and messaging, powerfully position your offers, and create high-converting copy for your marketing pieces. It’s designed to help you stand out, serve big, and sell more of your offers within weeksand we provide weekly live training, Q & A, coaching, frameworks, templates, and an online community to support you in doing just that.

We’ll help you or and/or your team members:

  • Create your brand personality, voice, tone, and written style guide. This helps ensure that you stand out in your market and communicate consistently across all touch points.
  • Message and position your business and offers like a world-class brand. Differentiate yourself from others with your powerful mission and values, and go confidently to market.
  • Master proven-effective copywriting and communications guidelines. We’ll share everything we’ve learned writing for Global Fortune 500 companies and household brands.
  • Write your core marketing pieces—ads, emails, lead magnets, social posts, landing pages, and more. We’ll also help you choose the right pieces for your business and industry.
  • Optimize your messaging and copy for higher conversions. Learn how we get up to 67% open rates and up to 12% CTRs for emails; ad conversions for pennies; and more.

If you’re looking for a high-converting copywriter to help grow your business, Heather is it.”

—Robin Flaum, Director of Marketing Programs & Marketing Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Operations, Lytx