[VIDEO] The Power of Misdirection: Here’s How Easily Our Attention Can be Controlled

It’s shocking to realize, but as people we are (for the most part) subject to being controlled by what is called misdirection. Apollo Robbins — known as perhaps the best pickpocket in the world — has mastered the skill of misdirection, and shows us how easily we can be manipulated in the video below.

While the demonstration in this video is funny, it’s actually very scary to witness our true day-to-day vulnerabilities. If it is this easy to direct someone’s attention away from what is actually being done to them, then what else is being done to us without us ever knowing?

Guys like Apollo pick people’s pockets, but perhaps on a much larger field of play our minds are being misdirected — while our lives are being directed and controlled.

Apollo Robbins proves how easily we can be tricked as he takes what he wants from this man without him knowing at all. The implications of this are staggering when you consider other forces at play in the world that use various tactics to control our attention (advertisers, anyone?)…and get us to do what they want without us having a clue.

What do you think? Could you be as easily distracted or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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