[VIDEO] Change Your State of Mind and Have a Massive Influence on What You Feel and Attract

“Life is hard.” A lot of us believe that statement because that’s what we’ve heard all our lives. Rarely do we ever hear, “Life is piece of cake.” We’ve also heard expressions like “Just be happy,” or “Happiness starts with you” over and over again. But how do we get to that happy place where life feels easy when we’ve been conditioned to think otherwise, are facing difficult challenges, or are surrounded by unhappy people?

Without an answer to this, many people will go on feeling disempowered and as if life is one long series of “blahs.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. Negative states of mind are not diseases (although they can probably lead to them), nor are they permanent conditions that can’t be overcome.

In fact, it’s shocking how simple it can be to change your state of mind and thus positively change your life.

In the short but powerful video below, Tony Robbins talks about the idea of changing your state of mind at any given moment and how doing so can affect everything in your life.

And in the video on the next page, Robbins talks about how “life will pay whatever you ask of it”…so you’d better ask properly.

Image Source: Mikaku

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