[VIDEO] Change Your State of Mind and Have a Massive Influence on What You Feel and Attract

So few of us ever ask ourselves what we really want out of life; what we dream of. We live day to day and go about our routines like mice in a maze, but are we happy? Are we impressing upon life what we truly want and attracting the things our dreams are made of?

Most would say “no” to this because we’ve been conditioned to believe that certain lifestyles are not reachable for us. Yet we prove over and over, time and again that we are powerful in getting what we want.

Look around at your clothes, the things in your home, your car, etc. All of these you got because you simply focused on what you wanted, and then your brain led you to it, and then you made the decision to acquire it. Why not do that with everything you want — including your biggest dreams?

Anthony Robbins explains just how to do that in the following video. He talks about what it takes to direct your brain so that you attract what you want most in life.

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