[VIDEO] Healing the Heartbreak of the Lakota and All Native American People

The Lakota people are peaceful warriors — lovers of life and all creatures on Mother Earth. They are the agents of the great spirit, with the wisdom to restore our planet to health and harmony…if we’d only listen.

Yet, many Native American people like the Lakota suffer in poverty, living on fenced-off parcels of land called reservations and barely surviving. This is the life imposed on them by greedy people who kicked their ancestors out of their homes, destroyed their cultures, murdered them by the millions, and walked away.

The heartbreaking video about the Lakota people on the next page teaches us why it is time that we come together as a nation and embrace the Native Americans as our brothers. We need to return their love and compassion so that we may overcome the challenges we face as a country — which were brought on by the greed that has resulted in so much trauma and tragedy — and begin to heal our lives, together.

“They made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they kept one. They promised they would take our land…and they took it.” — Chief Red Cloud.

Watch the amazing video below and be inspired by the immense strength and compassion of the Lakota people.

This video from First Nations about the Lakota people is a beautiful but heartbreaking testament to the immense love, strength, and compassion of our Native American brothers and sisters. May their example shine forever in our hearts and inspire our nation to heal and progress in harmony, so that we never repeat the mistakes of the past. Aho mitakuye oyasin.

“Most of you have been living here on this planet under this capitalist illusion for many centuries by thinking the money is in need to live your life (accept few, like the Native American Nations or the nations living their simple lives in far away lands, they have been telling you and warning you about this negative events for a long time … but you never want to listen to them, until now) … Now you can see how your money world is evil and it is collapsing. The Earth is bleeding under this sick influence. Not just the people, but whole Earth needs the cure. In fact we do not need to look for some new solutions to survive, because we just need to go back to the original natural time where we all belong. The best way how to do it now is just to look around and ask some of the native elders and they will show you the exact true road where to go and what to do. They have been told by the ‘sky ancestors’ to keep the positive knowledge for you to have to survive.”

Aho! — Radek (Little Crow)

Source: First Nations

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