[VIDEO] Why It’s Critical to Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

For many, the idea of societal conditioning (a.k.a. mind programming) is uncomfortable at best. In fact, it can be downright painful. It’s difficult to awaken and realize that so much of our life has been spent in an hypnotic state (a whopping 90% or so perhaps) — controlled by hidden messages that feed our subconscious minds, which in turn determine how we behave, the way we view ourselves and others, and whether we are self-empowered or dis-empowered. It can be even more painful to realize that we’ve always had the power to change this.

Of course, many go about their daily routines assuming that they’re in control of their minds when, sadly, just the opposite has been true for the most part. Sure, we drive our cars, work our jobs, raise our kids, eat the food we want, go to the gym, hang out with the friends of our liking — but are all those choices really coming from a truly free-thinking, empowered state of mind? Are we really consciously making our day to day life choices ourselves, or are we influenced by other sources as well as the patterns of our subconscious minds in making them? That’s the million dollar question.

Watch the short but powerful video below to discover the power of your subconscious mind—and why the most important thing you may ever learn is to choose your thoughts wisely.

Are our minds being continually influenced when it comes to the everyday choices we make? Watch this short but hard-hitting video then ask yourself if you are really in control of your own thinking, and if you’re really making decisions from your empowered, conscious mind or your socially conditioned subconscious mind.

Remember—knowing and understanding how your mind works are the keys to true self-empowerment.

Article Image: agsandrew/depositphotos.com

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